Michael Janea




Bootstrap Builder

Create your front-end with Bootstrap using Drag [...]

Bootstrap Dropdown Buttons

Use any button to trigger a dropdown menu by [...]

Bootstrap Grid

Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first [...]

Bootstrap Alert

Provide contextual feedback messages for typical [...]

Bootstrap Carousel

A slideshow component for cycling through [...]

Bootstrap Buttons

Add bootstrap buttons to your write-ups [...]

Bootstrap Breadcrumbs

Indicate the current page's location within a [...]

Bootstrap Panel

While not always necessary, sometimes you need to [...]

Bootstrap List Group

List groups are a flexible and powerful component [...]

Bootstrap Tab

Add quick, dynamic tab functionality to transition [...]

Bootstrap Collapse

Flexible plugin that utilizes a handful of classes for [...]

Bootstrap Glyphicon

Includes over 250 glyphs in font format from the [...]


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